Tattoo Cover-Ups, Tattoo Reworks, and Tattoo Repairs

Did you get a bad tattoo somewhere else? Let us fix it!

Many people have tattoos that seemed like a good idea at the time and whether it was through a bad choice of tattooists, a bottle of J.D. or whatever, the results won’t go away. There is a solution apart from a laser or a long sleeved shirt.

Some bad tattoos are restorable to a proper version of the original plan and these are known as reworks, but the majority are usually only savable through cover-ups and you may be limited on the choice of design.

Remember that a cover up cannot always be your dream tattoo as it may not be possible to fit a specific design to the old piece, this depends how dark and distorted the old tattoo is. Usually we can come up with a good compromise though and anyone needing help or information about cover ups should contact Unique Ink and be prepared to send a photo!

Tribal is not usually applicable here unless you want a black square, but there are more options than the standard black panther or peacock tattoo depending on the size of the old tattoo and intensity of dark pigments.

Every cover-up tattoo is an individual custom fitted piece and those interested should contact us for more details.

Click here to see a photo gallery showing some of the tattoo cover-ups, tattoo reworks, and tattoo repairs we have done to cover up or rework bad or unwanted tattoos.